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Some call it religion

Many people feel that a religion is so important that they impose on others to believe what they feel is good for others.

How many do really find that their own belief system is 100% foolproof. Whether you believe in Christianity, Catholism, Buddhism, Islam or Hinduism or Judaism, you come into a belief system with sets of rules that make your life more complicated than before.

Initially you feel great because you have a sense of belonging. After that, you feel oppressed like under the law of constraints. You feel so exhilarated at first but subsequently, if you dont get what you intend to obtain, you feel very left out.

Miracles, they say, happen only for those who have faith - much the same with any religion or belief system - even those who believe in Yoga, in New Age styles like Reiki, whatever Red Indian religion or holistic styles - they all bring you to one revelation - nothing can be achieved in the end if you dont have faith.....

So why go for so many types or transfer from one belief system to another, even those who believe in Meditation or Crystal styles or kundalini or tibetan chant or whatever, they fall into a circle of mistaken air of mysticism that ultimately bring them to hell. all the more so, if they sign up with some denomination of christianity and confess their commitment then, later on, someone will come on to them to show how bad they are if they so called stray..

what is useful is faith ! The word Faith in anywhere, is belief in your own self - in some ways that the Almighty [as in all belief system teaches] bring to you when you are born. So Faith alone can save you, not those commercialism in religion, not those so called miracle workers to bring wool over your eyes. Wait for my next post. Thanks for the memories...masters of religions.


Blogger TuLang Primary said...

Many meditators whether religious or otherwise, like to dress their styles as subtle in that others are less relevant.

Similarly, monks, priests and pastors too have the habit to glamourising their own congregation, thus missing out the true ingredient of the truth.

In fact, what is truth? Na, there is no truth except truth itself. Anyone who tries to epitomise the meaning is in fact straying far far away from it all.

Many who profess to be christians, buddists, etc etc, because these 2 main categories deem to explain their actions as being so honourable that others are less than fools or more!

They do not do what Jesus practise nor Buddha practise but yet, they go by the Bible or by the holy sutras that what they are doing is out of compassion and love for others.

Take for instance, money, when it comes to this issue, all meditators, all religious teachers tinkle at it but ask them to help...hee hee, they shy away as quickly as a tortoise withdraws into its shell.

That is the truth - that is religion. Churches, Temples build big buildings to so call glorify their ideas but yet, ask them to help the truly poor not the government bodies though, these churches and temples will say " We have to account for the donations and you may not fall within the category of donations"..

Get the picture????

12:09 AM  
Blogger TuLang Primary said...

Jesus is the Man for everything under the sun.

As much as there is guilt in one's inner sanctuary, Jesus is there constantly watchful and clearing all elements of sinful distasteful seeds so that we end up without any condemnation.

For those who believe in Christ Jesus shall have no condemnation and the Spirit of Life shall live forever more.

7:17 PM  
Blogger TuLang Primary said...

In certain churches, queues are so prevalent. It is so unsettling and distasteful that people queue orderly but then friends and members of care groups start joining them and their position becomes from one person in the queue in front to ten persons or more in the same place in front.

So by the time people at the back go into the church, there is no more seats. This is extremely selfish for those who believe in Christ Jesus. It is so UNNEIGHBOURLY and I wonder why people want to learn from Jesus and yet be so selfish and disregard others' rights and privileges to the same Church that they belong to.

7:19 PM  
Blogger TuLang Primary said...

Preachers are strange creatures. One moment they are graceful, next they are devilish in that back to their natural form.

Are we all the same? When we criticise others, we often do not realise we are seeing our own forms in the mirror.

You cant scold the form in the reflective mirror because you are just throwing mud at your own self. How then do we extend beyond that understanding and rise above the comments.

Be with Jesus Be with Christ and Work his words..and live by them and trust in Him always.

If we share our dislikes with Christ Jesus and ask him to peel off our outer disgusting self, we shall be able to live fully in His Love and not to rely on our own works.

Arent we all the time showing off what we can do when we should expose what Christ Jesus did for us for every thing we have.

What are our achievements or our disasters? They are all done through the grace of Christ Jesus but our disasters are own when we did not share them with Jesus.

So from this day onwards, trust in Him and let Him be OUR MASTER, OUR SPIRIT AND OUR SOUL AND OUR BODY.. |Amen.

1:15 AM  
Blogger TuLang Primary said...

Oh Chinese New Year is coming and many abide by the Chinese Customs as if they are gold - and yes, they are valuable and precious.

How many know that the Chinese Customs have their root in the Bible?

The Red Papers stuck to the top and the side of main doors actually resemble that part in the Old Testament where instructions were given to put the Blood of sacrifice on the door posts so that evil and sickness will not come to that home with the Blood on the doorpost. Then in New Testament, Jesus died for us and His Blood has kept us clean. So actually there is no need for the red paper but those who follow are like those who follow strictly the Old Testament.

Sacrifice of animals in chinese customs, same as in Old Testament where the people sacrificed lamb and goats to God by sliding them through but these sacrifices must be done annually just like chinese new year customs. But when Jesus died on the Cross, that is the Only One Sacrifice done for mankind. The Kam [mandarin orange] placed in the mouth of the roasted pig - signified that the pig is kam wan [willing] to die for sacrifice. No need for this. Jesus died willingly for our sins. Yet similarly, willingness is important in sacrifice.

The Cake with open top - signifies in Chinese custom, prosperity. In Christianity, the opening top is like a mouth which must speak out the God's word for the blessings to flow! That is just some which Pastor Mark of New Creation Church shared in his DVD and in his sermon on 22 Jan 2006. Go get it if you can at Suntec City- 3rd storey at ROCK....God Bless All

2:07 AM  
Blogger TuLang Primary said...

Beautiful Sunday

I love today, being 1st day of Chinese New Year. Nothing excites me more than to go to Church and listen to my dear Pastor preached. Today, the sermon on the mount was at Kallang Indoor Stadium

A pleasant atmosphere with blessed people and a most gracious Pastor- Joseph Prince.

His love is Jesus and his sermon, As it is, so shall Christ live in me! or something to that effect.

The message is basically to believe in Jesus wholeheartedly with nothing on our mind but Jesus being the 1st and the last and everything else will follow and come abundantly to me and to those who believe in Christ. I mean the Good things in life will come along after you place Jesus in the Foremost of your life and no one else.

Love is great - that is Jesus Love is immense and feeling it is almost estacy.... God bless all.

5:05 AM  
Blogger TuLang Primary said...

The beauty of life lies not in what you do or do not do.

It is simply trusting that God will prepare the way ahead of you and no matter what sort of good things or challenges you face, the road will end up well in the hands of God.

That's the beauty of life.

9:36 PM  
Blogger TuLang Primary said...

Pastor's message is simple but powerful.

You work, God rests, You rest, God works.

No condemnation at all costs if you know that you are the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

When Jesus died on the cross, all your sins are forgiven, yesterday today and future. You do not sin consciously when you know you are loved by God who sent His son to die for our sins.

You do not get part time piece meal redemption. You get eternal redemption when you believe and accept Christ Jesus in you.

Hope is the constant expectation of Good things that the Righteous shall receive and live by and we who believe in Christ Jesus has ALL good things from Daddy God.

When what we pray for does not manifest as yet, we pray and wait knowing that God will fulfil in His time.

I have the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and I have righteousness, peace and joy and all good things will come forth and God reigns in my life and Jesus in me and the Holy Spirit gives me life health wisdom and prosperity in all things.

In Jesus Mighty name. Amen.

8:37 AM  
Blogger TuLang Primary said...

Rest - the only assured way to righteousness peace and joy because it is God given gift which humans dont understand and dont make use of enough.

We work so hard. We rely on our own strength. We never believe that our Beloved God can do so much to help us that we want to do what we think we must do when all we need to do is to relax and rest in His Word.

We worship Him but worship in the form of works. If we worship Him with rest, we feel that we are lazy. How ignorant we are!

Who created the Earth Who created Humanity? God! Yet we want to create something, hoping that we will be better than God.. How silly.

We should just believe right and rest in His Word and Not His Work.

8:03 AM  

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