Sunday, January 08, 2006

No condemnation

Romans 8 - there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

I am so glad that today, my church started a new ruling that there will not be any more reserving of seats because previously, care group members even members of church place books, bibles and other articles to reserve some 10 to 20 seats that when members of public go in, there is no more place at the strategic seats in front.

I hope they will continue this way so that there is no abuse by people, whether care groups or staff members or ministry members such as ushers, etc or the public.

Sometimes there are a few bad hats that spoil the whole thing - but I believe that these people just want to be close to Pastor when he is preaching because these people want special anointing of the word as they are closer - and so they think.... In fact in the overflow rooms at 6 and 4 floors, they receive the same anointing - I did.

The purpose why I aired my views previously is that the malpractice prevented a lot of innocent church goers who really make it early but still get no seats..

In fact, there are still seats reserving but this is kept to the minimum. I even heard of a true incident where member of the church - dont know if he /she is a usher or staff member but he/she brought along a stack of bibles before the church started and place these bibles in the rows C and D so that when the doors open, no more seats ...

haha... If these staff members or care groups have such faith, they should exercise it without reserving any seats - that is real faith... Like one in the Bible where the people lower the sick from the roof when the whole place is crowded...

Well, Jesus will still bless all irrespective of their misbehaviour because they just wanted to exercise their faith through different means....

God Bless. Shalom


Blogger TuLang Primary said...

all is well that ends well.

8:08 AM  
Blogger TuLang Primary said...

When we work, God rests!

When we rest, God works!


I am the Righteousness of God in Christ, through Him, I have Righteousness, Peace and Joy and all Protection is from Him!

4:37 AM  
Blogger TuLang Primary said...

God loves everyone irrespective whether parties have done any wrong.

Sad is the day when you see one of your good friends die and when this person is such an honourable and dedicated person.

No one could understand him more than I. He dedicates his life to the one who loves him and yet he is treated with disrespect from one person whom he helped so much.

He just could not take it anymore and he flew to his demise. God bless his soul...

8:17 AM  
Blogger TuLang Primary said...

The Lord of my Salvation- he loves me so much that He will always be there to make sure that I do not fall and if I do, he will always bring me up..

I know that whatever I do, He's there to guide me - when others think that I stray, I know I have not because my Lord, my Jesus is there to bring me to pass and what others do not see, my Jesus sees and helps me through.

Even in the eyes of Pastors, I may not be doing right but I know that my Abba and my Jesus knows that I am doing right because I have the righteousness of God in Christ and what I do is the same as Christ does.

He will bless all I do and bring it back to the straight and unwinding road of the Lord's path.

In Jesus Name.... Amen

5:46 AM  

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